Flat light bulb – Joon & Jung

Joon & Jung is a Korean-born design duo based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Their previous portfolio include conceptual products such as ‘the natural speaker‘, ‘cloud umbrella‘, and ‘i’m too sad to separate cup‘. Recently, they presented ‘flat bulb’ during 100% Design Tokyo.

Photo: designboom.com

The Gentlewoman No.3

The Gentlewoman is the sister magazine of Fantastic Man led by former SHOWstudio.com editor-in-chief, Penny Martin. Launched in 2010, the bi-annual magazine features in-depth interviews with acclaimed and successful women, but with a different angle. Their editorials are full of fresh and new ideas that are very inspiring.

The cover model for the first issue was Celine‘s creative director Phoebe Philo when she made a comeback and the second issue featured photographer Inez Van Lamsweerde. The much-anticipated third issue with singer Adele on the cover will be out in London from Monday 7th March.

Photo: thegentlewoman.com

GLACE rare iceberg water

GLACE water is, as the company says, is the oldest, rarest and purest water that has ever touched the ground. Sourced for only a few months per year in northern Canada, it is produced in very small quantities.

*Icebergs and the Environment

Icebergs melt – this is a natural phenomenon that has been going on for thousands of years. And when they melt, they add fresh water to ocean water. There is scientific concern that too much fresh water melting into salt ocean water may have long term effect such as raising sea levels, and/or making natural ocean currents, such as the Gulf Stream, behave differently. Therefore preventing too much ice melting into the sea is a good thing. However, compared to the total amount of iceberg ice melting every year, the ice we capture for GLACE Rare Iceberg Water is literally a drop in the ocean. (Source: www.icebergcanada.com/icebergs-and-the-environment.htm)

Photos: http://www.icebergcanada.com

Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn, out of many London-based designers, is one of those who creates clothes that makes you feel good about buying them. They’re well-made and practical. He uses British or recycled fabrics and produces locally, which makes the whole process ethical, regardless of the intention.

Earlier this month, he presented a capsule collection created for Victorinox during New York Fashion Week.

Photos: DazedDigital.com

For this London Fashion Week, the designer unveiled his 2011 A/W collection at the disused Aldwych tube station.

Photos: Vogue.com

This is an interesting clip from the previous season.