St. John Hotel

British chef Fergus Henderson and his business partner Trevor Gulliver’s new venture St. John Hotel opens in London’s West End on 2 April. Henderson, famous for his “nose to tail eating” concept, also owns St. John Bar & RestaurantSt. John’s Bread & Wine and St. John Bakery throughout the city.



Wolfgang Tillmans Lecture at the Royal Academy, London

Wolfgang Tillmans is a German photographer and artist who has started out in the early 90’s working closely with magazine such as i-D and Interview on editorials that featured young people within his social community. Soon the magazines started becoming more and more commercial and naturally the freedom for creativity diminished. His work then moved onto various other subjects that involved documenting process. Tillmans has received the Turner Prize in 2000 and lives and works between London and Berlin.

Wolfgang Tillmans at Royal Academy Schools Annual Lecture on 22 February 2011

W. Martyn

I very much enjoy finding and going to stores with history. Some things naturally change as time passes but often you can still feel the enthusiasm of the people who are running the shop over the period. W. Martyn in London’s Muswell Hill is one of those places. Not so easy to get by tube, this traditional store has been providing the lucky locals with own-branded tea and coffee as well as carefully selected gourmet foods.


At the beginning of the year, I visited Jejudo, an island off the south coast of Korea. In the island is the tallest mountain in South Korea, Hallasan.

Korea had one of the coldest winters in the recent years. Jejudo is normally warmer but this year was an exception. Hallasan was magically covered with snow and it was remarkably beautiful, like the forests in Narnia.