St. John Hotel

British chef Fergus Henderson and his business partner Trevor Gulliver’s new venture St. John Hotel opens in London’s West End on 2 April. Henderson, famous for his “nose to tail eating” concept, also owns St. John Bar & RestaurantSt. John’s Bread & Wine and St. John Bakery throughout the city.



Jude’s ice cream

From a family farm in Hampshire, Jude’s makes proper ice cream with passion. I normally don’t go for strawberry in ice cream because for some reason a lot of them taste very artificial, but their “Strawberry Tease” had the real berry flavour!

GLACE rare iceberg water

GLACE water is, as the company says, is the oldest, rarest and purest water that has ever touched the ground. Sourced for only a few months per year in northern Canada, it is produced in very small quantities.

*Icebergs and the Environment

Icebergs melt – this is a natural phenomenon that has been going on for thousands of years. And when they melt, they add fresh water to ocean water. There is scientific concern that too much fresh water melting into salt ocean water may have long term effect such as raising sea levels, and/or making natural ocean currents, such as the Gulf Stream, behave differently. Therefore preventing too much ice melting into the sea is a good thing. However, compared to the total amount of iceberg ice melting every year, the ice we capture for GLACE Rare Iceberg Water is literally a drop in the ocean. (Source:


W. Martyn

I very much enjoy finding and going to stores with history. Some things naturally change as time passes but often you can still feel the enthusiasm of the people who are running the shop over the period. W. Martyn in London’s Muswell Hill is one of those places. Not so easy to get by tube, this traditional store has been providing the lucky locals with own-branded tea and coffee as well as carefully selected gourmet foods.

Crème de Marrons de l’Ardèche – Clément Faugier

This sweet chestnut puree by Clément Faugier would have and is still loved by almost every French child. There are many ways of eating it, one of which is simply spooned on top of fromage frais or plain yogurt (a simple version of Mont Blanc). But it would be long before that as people would just squeeze it into the mouth straight from of the tube!