Paul Boudens

Soon after graduating from Sint-Lucaspaviljoen in Antwerp, graphic designer Paul Boudens started working with the local fashion designers such as Walter Van Beirendonck,  Dries Van Noten, and A.F. Vandevorst.

I remember seeing his work in earlier series of A Magazine, when it started with Dirk Van Saene as the guest curator. The magazine had no cover. Instead, it was in a clear plastic envelope printed “A” in red. That was the first time I went through the masthead to find out who the art director was.

Below are his early works of show invitations with two incredibly talented Belgian designers, Wim Neels and Jurgi Persoons, whose labels are unfortunately no longer available.

Photos: Contemporary Fashion Archive


Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Werner Herzog

In 1994, a group of speleogists discovered a cave in Ardèche, France. Inside was a gallery of presumably the earliest wall paintings in human history that dates back 32,000 years. “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” is an exclusive footage of the remarkable Chauvet Cave by German film director Werner Herzog.